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Full Name: Bobby Zilch
Gender: Male
Interested in
Meeting People for:
Dating, Serious Relationship (Women)
Status: Single
Age: 12
Psychadet rank: Psychic Scout
Hometown: Drywell, Missouri
Psychic Speciality: Lockpicking
Interests: Go Raiders!
Favorite Music: AC/DC.  Metallica.  Sabbath. Dio. Y&T. Megadeath. Krokus. Judas Priest. Scorpions. Quiet Riot. KISS. Montrose. Ozzy. Van Halen. Iron Maiden. Saxxon. Motorhead!
Favorite Books: yeah right
Favorite TV Shows: Jackass
Favorite Movies: Scarface. Hellraiser. Child's Play 2: Chuckie's Revenge. Texas Chainsaw.
About Me: I'm a walking contradiction. I'm shy but extroverted. I'm humble but proud. I'm strong, but sensitive.  I work hard, but I also play hard. I like fine wine, but I also like cheap beer. I like going to the opera, but I also love the occasional hockey game!  I guess I'm like cookies that haven't finished cooking yet. Maybe they'll be done someday and I'll take a bite and know that its me, or maybe they'll just keep cooking. Either way, one thing's for sure, it will be one hell of a ride. Better hang on! :)
Who I Want to Meet: Rhandy Rhodes

What people say about Bobby:
Benny, 06/22/2003:
What's that all about? Remember what who talked about? Bobby? When did you talk to her? Why wasn't I there? And what did you talk about? I don't like the sound of this.
Chloe, 06/22/2003:
Bobby. Remember what we talked about.
Benny, 06/18/2003:
He does! He keeps it in a jar by his bed, along with the tail of a puppy, and the nose of a little bunny! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmm!
Phoebe, 06/18/2003:
Bobby, what is it about you that drives you to be such a bully? I'll bet even though you have the face of a lion, you've got the heart of a scared little kitten.
Quentin, 06/17/2003:
yoooo, dude. Those wrist bands are the dopest.
Benny, 06/16/2003:
Hey, Bobby! You're still the man!
Maloof Canola Maloof, 06/15/2003:
Bobby. Come around some time and we can see if there's a place for you in my new organization. This is a dangerous time to be a lone gun, you know?
J.T. Hoofburger J.T., 06/10/2003:
Hey, um... bobby? I'm just here because Elka, well I reckon she's my girlfriend now. And anyway she had a message for you. She's none too happy that you stole her "About Me" section and she'd love if you'd just go ahead and take that right down. Thanks for lettin' me bend your ear, there, pardner.
Benny, 06/09/2003:
Heyyyyyy Bobby! Good one today! I'll bet ol' Vernon didn't even see it coming. I guess he'll check his tapioca a little more thoroughly from now on!
Blotton Tusk Mikhail, 06/7/2003:
This one is tall, so looks threatening. But really, he is mostly hair. So not so bad. Then again, he looks like a biter. I would try and get him from a distance, maybe burning, to take down hair first. I would need some goggle, in case he spits. Tricky one. Good match. Looking forward to it!.