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Maloof Canola

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Full Name: Maloof Canola
Gender: Male
Interested in
Meeting People for:
Friends, Activity Partners
Status: Single
Age: 7
Psychadet rank: Tender Brain 
Hometown: East Windsor, NJ
Interests: cuddling; hiding; providing protection
Favorite Music: lullabies 
Favorite Books: the rescuers; anything by Puzo
Favorite TV Shows: teletubbies; spongebob; Sopranos
Favorite Movies: Godfather 1&2
About Me: People really should stop picking on me.
Who I Want to Meet: John Gotti

What people say about Maloof:
Crystal, 06/20/2003:

Oh he's big, b-i-g!

And he's bad, b-a-d!

and he's boss, b-o-s-s, b-o-s-s, he's BOSS.

Clem, 06/20/2003:
Where was I? Oh yeah...

Hip hip, hurray!

Chloe, 06/19/2003:
Hmm. Russians do make good navigators... Tell you what, Maloof. You can be on the crew if your friend comes in the package.
Quentin, 06/18/2003:
hey bros. it is so awesome that you guys are chilling together. good stuff.
Milka, 06/17/2003:
Huh. That dude is big.
Kitty, 06/16/2003:
Franke, shhh.
Franke, 06/14/2003:
Hey, Maloof you'll still come over right? Except I don't think we have a dress big enough for your friend. He'll have to wear a mu mu.
Vernon, 06/12/2003:
Uh, hey Maloof. If you want, you can have some of these rice crispy treats my mom sent me.
Elton, 06/12/2003:
Whoa, Maloof. Where can *I* get a big Russian dude to protect me? 
Bobby, 06/10/2003:
Nah. I'm outta here. Benny, he's all yours.
Benny, 06/09/2003:
Shyeah, right. This guy's not so tough. Bobby's so going to kick his ass.
Nils Lutefisk Nils, 06/08/2003:
Hey Maloof, man. I was wrong when I said you couldn't have the top bunk because you were such a bed wetter. You can totally have it. I can just sleep in my rain coat or something. Not a problem.
Phoebe, 06/07/2003:
On second thought, you should really cry as much as you want. Let it all out.
Elka Doom Elka, 06/02/2003:
I was always nice to Maloof! You remember that, right Maloof? Right??
Chops Sweetwind Chops, 05/30/2003:
What the big guy says is definitely cool with me.
J.T. Hoofburger J.T., 05/29/2003:
Hey, sure thing pardner!
Blotton Tusk Mikhail, 05/28/2003:
Silence. Nobody picks on Maloof. Everyone is done with that, and there will be no more.
Elka Doom Elka, 05/27/2003:
I meant hug! I want to pick him up and hug him! 
Elka Doom Elka, 05/26/2003:
Maloof is such a sweet little thing. He's just so little and cute I want to pick him up and be mean to him! 
Chops Sweetwind Chops, 05/25/2003:
Maloof, you the man. Or at least you will be, once you stop acting like a baby.
J.T. Hoofburger J.T., 05/25/2003:
If this little one don't keep up with the herd, I'm afraid the buzzards gonna get 'im.
Crystal, 05/24/2003:
Clem! Come on! Every member of the team counts!
Clem, 05/23/2003:

Three cheers for Maloof.

Hip hip hurray!

Hip hip hurray!

Hip hip-- oh forget it. He is kind of a baby.

Crystal, 05/22/2003:
Cheer up Maloof!
Dogen, 05/21/2003:
uhh.. hey. wait, what did I click on? What happened to the dancing hamster?
Chloe, 05/20/2003:
Maloof, I love ya but I'm sorry to say you can't be on the crew. I'm afraid you just don't have the constitution for space travel, son.
Phoebe, 05/18/2003:
Maloof, it's alright to cry.

For a while. 

Quentin, 05/17/2003:
yo maloof, yo. hope you are not too bummed today bro.
Milka, 05/16/2003:
Maloof, why don't you stand up to these creeps?
Franke, 05/15/2003:
Heh heh. Yeah, come on. You know you like it.
Kitty, 05/14/2003:
Maloof. Get over here. Franke and I want to dress you up like a girl again.
Vernon, 05/13/2003:
Hey, Maloof! Did you ever hear the one about the boy who cried so hard his eyes shriveled up and turned into raisins? Seriously. He's going through eyeball-reinflation therapy right now. He can see, but crows think his eyes really are raisins, so he has to wear protective goggles to keep them from pecking his eyes out. True story. Like the kind of story that has a moral, if you're paying attention, you know?

Like about how you should stop crying, maybe?

Nils Lutefisk Nils, 06/12/2003:
Maloof cries a lot, but he cries pretty quietly. Usually if it's late he does it under his pillow so we can still sleep, and that's pretty cool.
Elton, 05/11/2003:
Maloof, I am so glad you are here. Now maybe I won't be the most picked on kid at camp anymore.
Benny, 05/10/2003:
Oh, man. Let me have this one. He's little! I can do it.
Bobby, 05/09/2003:
Hey new kid. Welcome to camp. You're dead meat.