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Quentin is Your Friend

Quentin Hedgemouse

Quentin's Friends:  (19)
ElkaElka Doom


Blotton Tusk
NilsNils Lutefisk Lili
MaloofMaloof Canola


J.T.J.T. Hoofburger Franke Crystal Clem
Chops Sweetwind




 Member Since May 2003 Last Login 06/17/2003 
Full Name: Quentin Hedgemouse
Gender: Male
Interested in
Meeting People for:
Friends, Activity Partners, Dating, Serious Relationship (Women)
Age: 10
Psychadet rank: Astral Warrior
Hometown: Westchester, VT
Psychic Speciality: Levitation
Interests: chillin. reading. spinning. scratching. bobbing my head gently. brushing my teeth. getting the water out of my ear with a toothpick. making fudge with my grandma. night hikes. nursing sick birds back to health. relaxing.
Favorite Music: our band, the levitators! me and my main slice phoebe started it. she's the rapper, i'm the dj. Except that she doesn't rap, so i have to do it too. phoebe plays the drums, and handles all of our on-stage pyrotechnics. we got the awesome j.t. hoofburger blowin harmonica for us. man! i am so PSYCHED to have that guy in the band! seriously! and chops! chops too, on guitar. we don't really have any songs yet, but when we do it's going to be killer.

kill-er. you will freak out on it's dopeness. seriously, bring an extra pair of pants to our first show because you will pee in the first pair and you'll still love it.

Favorite Books: oh man so many
Favorite TV Shows: lots of good shows on now...
Favorite Movies: hard to pick! so many dope dope movies out there
About Me: i get excited about stupid stuff. i tell good jokes. my teeth are straight. i am very good at boggle. i am not a very fast runner, about average. i walk around a lot. i like to wear scarves. i like it when other people wear scarves. i like to eat popcorn in movies. i like japanese stuff. i hug a lot. i like to explore. i like netflix. i like nostalgia though it sometimes makes me sad. 
Who I Want to Meet: owen wilson, john c reilly, bjork, jean-pierre jeunet, peter sellers, audrey hepburn, though i do not know what i will say to them, when i do. i would also like to meet a ghost. and also i would like to meet an astronaut while i am out on a space walk.

What people say about Quentin:
Elka Doom Elka, 06/20/2003:
All those times you said you were at practice...

Where were you?

You were just hiding out in the woods chewing tobacco with Sweetwind, weren't you? WEREN'T YOU? Oh, men! Men and their lies! At least I KNEW Nils was a pig. 

Oh, Nils. Nils. See what you have sentenced me to?

J.T. Hoofburger J.T., 06/20/2003:
Shhhhhh! Miss Phoebe, I beg you to keep your mouth shut, if'n you don't mind.
Phoebe, 06/20/2003:
Waaaa? He never came to one practice!
Elka Doom Elka, 06/20/2003:
Well, that's okay, Phoebe. That dumb old band was taking up too much of J.T's time anyway.
Phoebe, 06/29/2003:
Oh, come on you guys!
Chops Sweetwind Chops, 06/28/2003:
Me too.
J.T. Hoofburger J.T., 06/28/2003:
That tears it. I'm out.
Benny, 06/27/2003:
Face it folks, we're in the band.
Bobby, 06/27/2003:
I'm going to be taps, at your funeral, if you don't let us in your band. heh.
Phoebe, 06/26/2003:
Huh, well, Bobby. Maybe the Firestarters and I could have a meeting and discuss this. What instrument do you and Benny play?
Bobby, 06/25/2003:
P.S. That reminds me--Hedgemouth: Bobby and I want to be in the band.
Chops Sweetwind Chops, 06/24/2003:
Yeah, that's why I missed it--I was out looking for J.T.
J.T. Hoofburger J.T., 06/23/2003:
Awful sorry about missing that there practice, Quentin. Won't happen again, you got my word.
Maloof Canola Maloof, 06/222003:
Quentin gets a special deal. He never picked on me before I had Mikhail on retainer, so he gets free protection. 

For 1 month.

Blotton Tusk Mikhail, 06/21/2003:
Here is Hedgemouse's fatal mistake: the scarf. It will be his undoing just like famous ballerina Isadora Duncan. So many things I could do with it. A wrestler's mind reels. I think maybe wrap it around him enough times so I could do yo-yo tricks with him. That would drive the crowd crazy. Ya, that's the ticket.
Bobby, 06/19/2003:
God I hate you two so much, I can feel it in my liver. Seriously, it's producing extra bile every time I hear your voice. You're killing me.
Clem, 06/18/2003:
You put the YOU in Unique! You and Quentin are both winners who are decidedly different, positively popular, and outrageously outrageous!!!!
Crystal, 06/18/2003:
Ha ha! Bobby! Of course girls like you! You and Quentin are different, but you're both great!!!
Bobby, 06/17/2003:
So girls like him. Big deal. I got plenty of girls after me, and I don't have to pretend to like them to get 'em either.
Dogen, 06/16/2003:
Quentin's nice. He's a good dee jay. he helps me with the squirrels when they are mean. He does not wear a hat, but he is still special.
Nils Lutefisk Nils, 06/15/2003:
Quentin, man. Leave some of the hotties for us uncharismatic guys, will ya?
Chloe, 06/14/2003:
Quentin goes on my Noah's ark spaceship first. We will build a new society on the offworld, based on rad dudes like Quentin.
Vernon, 06/13/2003:
Quentin and I hang out all the time. We're like best buds. We have a lot in common. I'll bet if I wore a scarf, you wouldn't even be able to tell us apart.
Milka, 06/12/2003:
Yeah, I was looking at it. It's nice. But it will die soon as all things do, including Quentin's love for you.
Kitty, 06/11/2003:

Hi Quentin. Thanks for the flower. ;)

Franke, 06/10/2003:
Elton, baby. He's got nothing on you. You're special. Do you see me asking Quentin to do my homework? No. Only you. :)

P.S. Hey, where the hell IS my homework?

Elton, 06/09/2003:
Quentin is pretty rad I guess. Girls thinks so. And girls are always right.
Milka, 06/02/2003:
Hi Quentin.
Phoebe, 06/01/2003:
Quentin is my oldest friend in the world, and a damn fine DJ to boot. Any woman would be lucky to land this man. Most would not be worthy, scarf or no scarf.

P.S. The band is called the Firestarters. Might want to fix that, Q.

Lili, 05/30/2003:
Hey, Quentin! You finally picked a name for the band, eh? When's the first show?