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Full Name: Franke Athens
Gender: Female
Interested in
Meeting People for:
Friends (Women and Men)
Status: Open Marriage
Age: 10
Psychadet rank: Psychic Scout
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Interests: Kitty Bubai!
Favorite Music: t.A.t.u.
Favorite Books: The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook
Favorite TV Shows: Ellen; Laverne & Shirley
Favorite Movies: The Hunger
About Me: I am one half of an inseperable duo. You mess with my sista, you mess with me!!!
Who I Want to Meet: Anne Lennox

What people say about Franke:
Milka, 06/20/2003:
Not true...

...TIGER!  ;)

Elton, 06/19/2003:
But canoeing is the only thing I'm really good at.
Crystal, 06/18/2003:
Clem, you put the POINT in dissaPOINTed! :D! :D! :D!
Clem, 06/17/2003:
Ah Crystal, I guess it's just not going to work. Doesn't seem like anyone here's interested in real sports--it's all mind, mind, mind! 

But that's okay. How would you ever appreciate the sweet taste of victory if we didn't also know the constant, comforting tonic of failure? 

Elton, 06/16/2003:
You know it's really hard, canoeing... and there's a kind of stick...
Chops Sweetwind Chops, 06/15/2003:
If you don't play it on ice with a stick, it ain't a sport.
Elton, 06/14/2003:
Doesn't anyone care about canoeing?
J.T. Hoofburger J.T., 05/13/2003:
Are you guys forgetting the psychic rodeo? That's a sport!
Elton, 06/12/2003:
Yeah, but what about canoeing?
Vernon, 06/11/2003:
Hey, if Franke's cheering, I'll play anything!
Elton, 06/10/2003:
What about canoeing?
Clem, 06/09/2003:
Yeah, it will be awesome!!!!!!!! If we get enough cheers together, maybe someone will start a sports team for us to cheer on.
Crystal, 06/08/2003:
Hey, Franke! I like your picture! Lots of spirit! Hey, that gives me an idea! What you say we put together a cheerleading squad this year?
Blotton Tusk Mikhail, 06/07/2003:
Athens woman looks easy to beat. But maybe... too easy. Must be a trick. Something hidden in that hair? Could be. Animal instincts tell me she has some secret. Maybe I watch her fight someone else before I form strategy. 
Dogen, 06/08/2003:
Xeeeeena!!! Xeeeeenaaaa!.
Bobby, 06/07/2003:
Ouch. Kicked when she's down. Ruthless... I'm proud of you my young Paduan learner.
Benny, 06/06/2003:
Yeah, in no time at all you'll get used to being dumped Elka. I'm sure of it.
Phoebe, 06/05/2003:
With every goodbye, we learn, Elka.
Chloe, 06/04/2003:
Sounds like an abduction situation. Are you sure he didn't plan a chip in your neck when you were on board his ship?
Elka Doom Elka, 06/02/2003:
I went out with you. I... Elka Doom... went out with you... Nils the Pig. How did that happen?
Nils Lutefisk Nils, 06/01/2003:
Quentin, stop messing with what could be an awesome chick fight. I have a feeling someone's going to lose a halter top in this one and I'm not going to let you mess it up.
Quentin, 05/30/2003:
hey hey hey! peace love rise above! let's all just chill out here. it's summer time! we're psychic and we're at this super rad camp! 
Kitty, 05/29/2003:
Oh, go take an inviso-hike, Nell.
Milka, 05/28/2003:
Sometimes I'm watching you Franke. And you don't know it.

But I know. 

I know everything.

Vernon, 05/27/2003:
Hey, Franke. Don't worry, I haven't told anyone yet about that stuff we talked about.
Lili, 05/26/2003:
Franke is a li'l firecracker. There I made a testimonial. Can I go now?
Kitty, 05/25/2003:
This is my girl. No body better mess with my girl. She bites!