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Full Name: Lili Zanotto
Gender: Female
Interested in
Meeting People for:
I'm not. What is up with this dumb form?
Status: None of your business!
Age: 10
Psychadet rank: Incomplete
Hometown: Undisclosed
Psychic Speciality: Herbaphony
Interests: Talking to plants. Avoiding people.
Favorite Music: Dark ambient; your mamma
Favorite Books: Psychic History X; Secrets of Psychic Gardening; I've Heard the Mowed Lawn Scream
Favorite TV Shows: What? This is stupid.
Favorite Movies: Why did you guys sign me up for this thing?
About Me: Is this about my Dad? 
Who I Want to Meet: Fewer people.

What people say about Lili:
Milka, 05/30/2003:
Lili, if you want your last homework assignment you can find it at the bottom of Lake Oblongata, where I put it. Which is where I'll put you, and those ho's Franke and Kitty, if you every mess with Elton again. Understood?

P.S. I like your skirt.

Elton, 05/29/2003:
God, Lili. I didn't want you to find out this way. Yes... it's true. Milka and I have fallen in love. I don't know how it happened. Does anyone ever really know? The heart wants what it wants. I'm sorry if I hurt you, Lili. The time we spent together will always be precious to me. 

P.S. I have your last homework assignment if you want to meet me some time I can give it to you.

Kitty, 05/29/2003:
Hate to break your heart girlfriend, but I just saw your boy Elton here making time with Milka Phage out behind Mr. Cruller's hut. It looked like he was trying to read her mind--with his tongue! Yeah, baby, woo!
Elton, 05/28/2003:
Lili, I just wanted you to know that I'm not going to be sending any more messages for a while. If you care to know why, I could tell you in person. Otherwise, I just wanted to say to you (not anyone else) that I'm okay; I'm just not posting. I didn't want you to worry. I'm sorry I have to do this, but the maturity level in this forum makes it an unfortunate necessity. I'm just sorry that a few people have to make childish comments and ruin it for everybody else. Anyway, let me know if you want to meet up soon.
Franke, 05/27/2003:
Ah ha ha ha! Oh, man. I want to stop watching, but I can't!
Quentin, 05/27/2003:
hey, lili. i just wanted to say thanks for chilling with me last night. i had a really good time. i didn't even know that meadow existed. it looked super beautiful in the moonlight, didn't it? well, don't worry. i won't tell anyone where it is! stay cool.
Elton, 05/27/2003:
Okay that must have been my fault. I'm sorry. I probably should have said, "Meet me TONIGHT at 8:00." If I had been more specific maybe you would have showed up. I'm so stupid. But that's okay. I kind of felt like hanging out by myself anyway. And it was nice to sit there in the dark for a few hours, looking up at the stars. And hey, guess what? I found a constellation that looks like you! Maybe I could show it to you some other night? Anyway, sorry you couldn't make it. I know you're busy with your levitation practice.
Elton, 05/26/2003:
Okay, Lili. It has become obvious to me that you and I can't have a private conversation here without comments from the peanut gallery (Gee, I wonder who I'm talking about, Franke?). So I was thinking maybe you'd want to carry on with our conversation in person? Meet me by the GPC at around 8:00 okay? I have something I want to tell you and it's kind of important.
Franke, 05/26/2003:
Oh, it's private, but it's between you and yourself, not you and "Ms. Zanotto." (hee hee). But hey, whateva. I was just trying to save you some time Romeo. Keep typing. The whole girls' cabin is having a blast reading this!
Elton, 05/26/2003:
Sorry about that, Lili. I think *certain people* are misunderstanding my intentions here and maybe those *certain people* should just M.Y.O.B. and not eavesdrop on other peoples PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS. This is between myself and Ms. Zanotto.
Franke, 05/26/2003:
Dood, give it up, bro. She doesn't even know you're alive. You do NOT make her go, "Huh!" If anything, you make her go, "ZZZzzz." You have got to move on. Somewhere out there is a really strange girl who is perfect for you and your freakiness. But seriously, you're embarrassing yourself here. It's sad. It's hard to watch.
Elton, 05/26/2003:
Hey, I just realized another weird thing. If you and I got married (not like now, but like later, and anyway I don't mean for real. This is just hypothetical) if you and I got married, your name would be Lili Fir. And BOTH of those words are plants! (Seriously! A Fir is a tree. Like a "Douglas Fir" for example, is a very famous and popular species of tree!)  And you like plants. Don't you think that's strange? That both our names are plants? Kinda makes you go, "Huh!" doesn't it?
Chloe, 05/25/2003:
Of all the Earthlings I have met, I've wanted to dissect Lili the least. When my spaceship is complete, I would be proud to have Lili as my co-pilot.
Elton, 05/25/2003:
Hey, I came by the girl's cabin today, and Franke wouldn't let me in because she said you were changing. And then when I came back later she said you were still changing, but it was like four hours later. So I don't know what Franke is up to but I thought you should know about it. Maybe she's trying to start rumors about you, like you're a slow dresser or something. I don't know. Want me to look into it?
Chops Sweetwind Chops, 05/24/2003:
Lili, where ya been? You never hang out anymore. Do you have a boyfriend? Eh? You cheatin on me? Heh.
J.T. Hoofburger J.T., 05/24/2003:
Lili is a straight-shooter, and I'd trust her with my horse..
Elton, 05/24/2003:
Well, I didn't see you last night, so I just dropped the homework off for you. Don't worry, it's not a problem.
Elton, 05/23/2003:
Hi Lili. Agent Nein missed you in class today. He called your name and when you didn't answer, I made up a story about how you had diarrhea and couldn't come to class, but then everybody started laughing and god, kids can be so immature, don't you think? Ahhhhh! >:| !!!

Anyway, I got your homework for you. I could drop it by your cabin later, or I could just do it for you. Why don't I just do it for you, and then you can come pick it up? Let me know. I'll stay in all night, just in case you come by.

Elton, 05/22/2003:
Hey, I just thought of something. This is pretty weird, because, like you are really into plans right? And your name IS a plant. "Lili" is a plant. Did you know that? Isn't that weird?!?
Dogen, 05/22/2003:
Lili is nice and she's pretty and she smells nice. Once I got lost on the way back from the bathroom and she came out and found me and brought me back,  and didn't tell anyone. Even though her dad is like the King of the psychonauts, she doesn't act all stuck up or anything.
Elton, 05/22/2003:
Hey, are you mad? About the whole sexy plants thing? Really, I'm not a plant perv! I haven't heard back from you so I just thought I'd check. The campfire was pretty stupid, you're lucky you didn't go.
Elton, 05/22/2003:
Oh god, I should have read that article before I sent it to you. I didn't know it was all about sex stuff like that. GOD I'm so embarrassed. Please... uh... just... sorry. 
Maloof Canola Maloof, 05/22/2003:
Lili is the only person in camp who hasn't pushed me down so far this year. Except for that one time on accident, but she said she was sorry and even though it looked like she was laughing I believed her when she said she had something in her eye.
Elton, 05/22/2003:
Hey, Lili. I know you like plants, and and I saw the other day that there was a whole site about psychic plants so I thought you might want to check it out:

Clem, 05/21/2003:
That goes ditto for me!!! Double Ditto!!! OMFG!
Crystal, 05/21/2003:
Lili! OMFG!!! I know we haven't really gotten a chance to get know each other much this year, or last year. Or the year before that. But it sure was nice of you to let me get on your friends list anyway! I'll bet we have a lot of things in common, and that we'll be best friends some day! :D!!! See you at the campfire rally! <3 <3 <3 <3 Infinity!
Elton, 05/20/2003:
Hey, Lili. Did you get my message about the campfire?
Elton, 05/20/2003:
Hey, Lili. Just wondering if you were going to the campfire tonight? It's probably going to be stupid. Coach Oleander is so ra-ra. But I heard you have to pick partners for the scavenger hunt and, so... well let me know.
Elton, 05/19/2003:
Hey, you put the picture up! Great. Looks good!
Blotton Tusk Mikhail, 06/16/2003:
Lili has a strong mind. I like her, but I could probably take her in a fight. But most likely she would forfeit by not showing, from what I hear.
Elton, 05/13/2003:
Hi Lili. I saw that you're picture's not up yet. You know, I could put that picture up for you, if you wanted me to. It's no problem. If you gave me the password to your account... or maybe I could guess it. Let's see, your dog back home is named Mephisto... could that be it? :) Or maybe its Martindale, your mom's maiden name?
Elton, 05/11/2003:
Hey, Lili. I noticed your profile doesn't have a picture. Here's one I took on accident. My camera must have gone of when I wasn't looking. Or something. Sorry you're head's cut off. Anyway maybe I could take a better one later? :)?
Elton, 05/9/2003:
Hi, Lili. Just wanted to pop in and say I liked your profile. Ha, yeah. People are so dumb.