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Full Name: James Theodore Hoofburger
Gender: Male
Interested in
Meeting People for:
Friends, Activity Partners, Dating, (Women)
Status: Single
Age: 10
Psychadet rank: Psychic Scout
Hometown: Noble, OK
Psychic Speciality: Marksmanship
Interests: The range, dogies, varmints.
Favorite Music: Hank Williams Sr.
Favorite Books: Louis L'Amour
Favorite TV Shows: Gunsmoke
Favorite Movies: High Noon, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Fistful of Dollars, The Wild Bunch; An American Tail 2: Fievel Goes West
About Me: Don't talk much when I ain't got nothin' to say.
Who I Want to Meet: Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, the Dalton Gang

What people say about J.T.:
Chops Sweetwind Chops, 06/22/2003:
J.T. red alert! RED ALERT! Speak to me!
Elka Doom Elka, 06/22/2003:
I see bad things in the future for you, Mr. Sweetwind, if you don't mind your manners. ;) 
Chops Sweetwind Chops, 06/21/2003:
J.T. are you there? Come in, J.T. come in! Has she kidnapped you bro? Are you under some sort of evil voodoo/Barbie doll curse?
Elka Doom Elka, 06/21/2003:
J.T. knows that a man's first priority is his girlfriend, Chops. He doesn't always have time for childish pursuits like "chilling" and "bro-ing out" anymore. 
Chops Sweetwind Chops, 06/19/2003:
Hey, J.T. where are you? I see more of Milka these days than you, and she's invisible most of the time. Time to check in with home base. Meet me at the secret spot. 
Maloof Canola Maloof, 06/18/2003:
J.T. I love your work. I have some contract assignments I'd like to talk to you about. How's the whole "have gun, will travel" thing working out for you? Have you ever thought about taking it up a notch? Professional representation is the first step in that direction. Let's talk.
Clem, 06/17/2003:
Ants suck! J.T. Rocks!
Crystal, 06/17/2003:
From a MILLION miles away! Yayyyyy J.T. the ant killer!
Clem, 06/17/2003:
From a mile away!
Crystal, 06/17/2003:
Yeah! Great idea, Clem! I'll bet he could PSI blast a ant off a speck of dust!
Clem, 06/17/2003:
Speck of dust?
Crystal, 06/17/2003:
J.T. is the coolest! He is the best shot at camp! Probably the best shot in the world!!!! I'll bet he could PSI-Blast a... a... ant, off a... 
Chops Sweetwind Chops, 06/16/2003:
J.T. what up? You missed practice. Phoebe got so mad she burned up another pair of sticks. 
Benny, 06/15/2003:
But... I... okay.
Bobby, 06/15/2003:
Benny, dude, I thought I told you, not every time, alright? Wait for the signal.
Benny, 06/15/2003:
Yeah! Let's see how good you are with your fists!
Bobby, 06/15/2003:
Who cares about shooting? Let's see how good you are with your fists Hoofburger.
Dogen, 06/15/2003:
J.T. promised me that the next time the squirrels stole something from me, he would shoot them out of the trees and show me how to make pie out of 'em!
Chloe, 06/14/2003:
J.T. I'd like you to seriously consider joining my future crew. Your marksmanship skills could come in handy, if were were to encounter any hostile life forms. How are you in zero g situations?
Franke, 06/13/2003:
Hey, those shoes were a PRESCRIPTION from a DOCTOR, jerk!
Elka Doom Elka, 06/13/2003:
Hey boyfriend, those pictures aren't up yet. What's the matter? Having a problem picking just three? You can put them all up if you want! ;) I won't mind! 
Phoebe, 06/12/2003:
J.T. it's time we got this band in gear. Come on. We got you on harmonica, Chops on guitar, me on the drums, and Quentin on turntables. But we have got to get some practicing in. Oh, and I have to get some drums. The last set I had was too flammable.
Kitty, 06/11/2003:
Just ignore it, baby. 
Nils Lutefisk Nils, 06/11/2003:
Yeah, in the same way Franke's bitter about loosing those pediatric shoes she used to have to wear.
Kitty, 06/11/2003:
Don't sweat Lutefisk, Franke. He's just bitter about losing his girlfriend to J.T. 
Franke, 06/11/2003:
Nils Lutefisk Nils, 06/11/2003:
Well, first we'd have to shrink your head down a couple of sizes.
Franke, 06/11/2003:
Hey, cowboy! I love your hat. What do I have to do to wear it for a day, eh pardner?
Vernon, 06/04/2003:
Okay, okay. Everybody likes J.T. and so do I! Don't get me wrong! But sometimes, I'm just saying... sometimes maybe the harmonica jam sessions at the campfire go a liiiiittle long, is all I'm saying. Sometimes somebody's got a really good story they want to tell, but they can't because it's all harmonica, harmonica, harmonica, and I think honestly, just a tip--people would like to hear maybe more stories, less harmonica. Not that I don't love it of course. The harmonica. But who doesn't love a good story?
Chops Sweetwind Chops, 06/03/2003:
Sometimes I think J.T. and I are like, the same person. Like Siamese twins, separated at birth. Re-conjoinified, not in body, but in our mutual chillness. 
Elka Doom Elka, 06/02/2003:
Oh, you're in trouble now, Benjamin. My boyfriend James is NOT going to put up with that kind of insult. Right James? 
Benny, 06/02/2003:
Oh, and your girlfriend's ugly.
Benny, 06/02/2003:
Hey, J.T. Bobby just wanted you to know that you think you're so cool but you're not.
Elton, 06/01/2003:
J.T. is the king of the psychic target range. I'm not really that good at it, but for J.T. it's like shooting fish in a barrel. (Which I would never do either because I could hear them scream.)
Blotton Tusk Mikhail, 05/30/2003:
Hoofburger, I would not wrestle if he were allowed to use psychic blasting. Not fair, and not good for wrestling. Without psychic blasting I think no problem. I take him out like that. Then again, as he is crowd favorite, maybe I pretend to hurt my ankle and throw match so as not to damage long range career goals.
Elka Doom Elka, 05/29/2003:
Shut up, Nils. No one's talking to you. 

Hey, James, I noticed you didn't have any pictures of me in your photos page. Here, I'll mail you some, JAMES.

Nils Lutefisk Nils, 05/29/2003:
J.T. I don't know what you're thinking man. But good luck, that's all I got to say.
Elka Doom Elka, 05/29/2003:
I meant JAMES! Not Nils! Definitely not Nils! I certainly did NOT mean to... it was the spell checker, I swear!
Elka Doom Elka, 05/29/2003:
James here is the best boyfriend a girl could have. He's sensitive, strong, handsome, and polite. Not like some people I could name. Definitely an upgrade over my old boyfriend. 

I see a great future for us together, Nils!

Quentin, 05/17/2003:
whoa... uh... 
Kitty, 05/17/2003:
Hmmm. I could get into that.
Quentin, 05/17/2003:
heh heh. nice of you to say, milka... uh... but how about that j.t. though, eh? i heard he can hog tie a calf in 10 seconds. 
Milka, 05/17/2003:
J.T. is alright. He's no Quentin, but he's alright.
Chops Sweetwind Chops, 05/16/2003:
This is my main hombre. Like the famous desperadoes of old films, this bandit does not, in fact, need any stinking badges. Watch out, ladies, this one is on fire. He is a sure shot in every sense of the word. He is a cool customer. Seriously, I don't know if I would have ever made it at this camp if it weren't for my main man J.T. I would love to ride a mile in his hat, but I cannot, due to a very serious medical condition whereby my hair is too intense and voluminous.