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Full Name: Clem Foote
Gender: Male
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Friends, Activity Partners
Status: Just here to help!
Age: 10
Psychadet rank: Tender Brain
Hometown: Gary, IN
Psychic Speciality: Spirit!
Interests: Positivism!
Favorite Music: Hanson!
Favorite Books: Unleash the Giant Within!; No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre
Favorite Movies: Better off Dead
About Me: I'm not just here to have a good time folks! I'm here to make sure everybody has a good time! So work with me okay people? Okay!!! Let's turn that frown upside-down! Come on, we all feel down sometimes, and who hasn't thought about maybe taking their own life now and then? I know I have! Some times the glass is half full for me, and some times it's half full of poison! But I always muddle through some how, and you know how? POSITIVE THINKING!!!!!!!!!!!
Who I Want to Meet: Tony Robbins; Dr. Kervorkian (just curious)

What people say about Clem:
Crystal, 06/20/2003:
Wow, Milka! You're so lucky that you can go invisible so much and snoop around into other people's business. That's so great for you!!!!!!!
Milka, 06/20/2003:
Hey, Clem. I saw you steal a bunch of dran-o from the janitor's hut the other day. What's that all about? What you cleanin? There's no sink in the boy's cabin.
Dogen, 06/19/2003:
Clem is nice but he likes to run too much and I can't run because of my legs are really small and I lose a lot of races. But no matter what I do, Clem says I won or I'm a winner, even when I know I haven't won. So I think he might be a little... not too smart maybe.
Crystal, 06/18/2003:
Clem is the best! The very, very best!
Chloe, 06/17/2003:
What I like about you, Clem, is that you and Crystal seem like you're just about to blast off any moment. If I could harness your energy somehow, and turn it into solid fuel, we could really go places.
Phoebe, 06/16/2003:
I hope it's just from sugar.
Quentin, 06/16/2003:
man clem has so much energy its really awesome. i totally admire that. sometimes i get tired just standing next to him, but man. i don't know where he gets it.
Elka Doom Elka, 06/15/2003:
Clem and Crystal are an amazing couple, and I admire them for taking things slow. I hope someday to have as much in common with my boyfriend as these two.
Crystal, 06/14/2003:
Ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good one, Franke!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you secretly a stand-up comedian? :O!

Just kidding!!!! :D!

Well I try not to speculate to much about the future, because no one knows what it holds (except that it's going to be GREAT!!!!!!!!) but I think Clem and I do make a great team, and maybe someday who knows?? :D! 

But for now we both agree that we're too young to go steady :D and we'd rather save ourselves for later, maybe when our outrageous sprit for living has died down a little bit :/ and we slip into that phase of one's life where you start giving up on your dreams :( and all the amazing things you thought you were going to do, and you just start to panic that you're going to die alone :O and you feel like grabbing onto the first decent person you can find and tricking them into marriage so that at least you have someone to call 911 for you when your hip breaks and you can't reach the phone.

Long story short: Clem is a great guy!!!!! :D!!!!

Franke, 06/14/2003:
Man, why don't you just get married and get a barbie doll dream house together already?
Crystal, 06/14/2003:
I would but I'm just excited about Clem! He's the greatest!!!!!!!
Kitty, 06/14/2003:
Holy crap girlfriend. Settle down.
Crystal, 06/13/2003:
Clem! OMG! You HAVE to be my partner for the scavenger hunt! HAVE to! HAVE to! HAVE to! If you don't I swear I'll throw my self into a wood chipper! Please please please!!!!!!!!
Vernon, 06/12/2003:
Clem is cool. Talks a lot, but he's basically cool.
Crystal, 06/11/2003:
Hey, good one Chops! The head band is super neato! That's something great about Clem I hadn't thought of yet! :D!!!!!!!!
Chops Sweetwind Chops, 06/11/2003:
Hey, Clem. Where did you get that headband? I like it.
Maloof Canola Maloof, 06/09/2003:
Some day, all jocks will pay. 
Nils Lutefisk Nils, 06/03/2003:
I like to play poker with Clem because he always screams "yippie" when he gets delt a good hand. 

You see? And then I fold. That's how it works.

J.T. Hoofburger J.T., 06/02/2003:
Clem's a can-do fella. I like that. Just not so much around me, but from a distance.
Crystal, 05/31/2003:
Pom-poms can't give you a winning attitude, Benny. It has to come from within! :D!!!!!!!!
Benny, 05/31/2003:
Dude, get this dork some pom poms. Am I right, Bobby?
Crystal, 05/31/2003:
I just thought of something else I like about Clem: HE ROCKS!!!!!!!!
Elton, 05/30/2003:
Wow. You guys are kinda high energy.
Crystal, 05/29/2003:
Sounds like a good plan, Mikhail! May the best man win!!!!!!!!
Blotton Tusk Mikhail, 05/29/2003:
Another tall one. Hmmm. I'd go for the toes, hit him low, possibly use the ropes to get him airborne, and then unleash the telekeliminator. Anything to shut him up. As long as he doesn't tap in his girlfriend it should go okay.
Crystal, 05/28/2003:
Hi Clem! Just checking in to say you're #1 in my book!!!!!!!!
Crystal, 05/27/2003:
Clem is the best friend a girl could have. We do everything together. Whether it's sports, or running, or cheering, or horseback riding, or telekinetic canoeing, or the obstacle course, or climbing trees, or jumping hand in hand off of the roof of the main lodge to end it all, or snorkeling, or singing at the campfire, everything's better with Clem!!!!!!!!