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Mikhail Bulgakov

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Full Name: Mikhail Bulgakov
Gender: Male
Interested in
Meeting People for:
Friends, Activity Partners, Dating, Serious Relationship (Women)
Status: Single
Age: 13
Psychadet rank: Astral Warrior
Hometown: Kazan, Russia
Psychic Speciality: Telekinesis 
Interests: Wrestling, Bears, Wrestling bears, bears wrestling
Favorite Music:  
Favorite Books: The Hardy Boyz : Exist 2 Inspire; Randy Savage: The Story of the Wrestler They Call "Macho Man"
Favorite TV Shows: WWE Smackdown, WWE Raw, When Animals Attack
Favorite Movies: Rollerball; Beyond the Mat; Grizzly; Grizzly 2: Revenge of Silverclaw; Hell Comes To Frogtown starring Rowdy Roddy Piper
About Me: My nickname not "Micky!" 

Is "Misha." 

I like long walks in the woods, and to be attacked by bears, and then to fight. I do not fight bears to hurt them. We fight because we are brothers. It is our nature.

I fight bears because people are too easy to beat. I will wrestle everyone here all at the same time and I will win. I have a crushing move: The Telekiliminator. You do not want to see this move I am warning you. 

Who I Want to Meet: Who is the guy who stole box of candy from Maloof? Makes me so angry. I meet you and you give back candy from Maloof's mom. Not yours.

What people say about Mikhail:
Bobby, 06/22/2003:
Shut up, Benny.
Benny, 06/22/2003:
Hey, back off space cadet! That was a good one.
Chloe, 06/22/2003:
No, Bobby.
Bobby, 06/22/2003:
Oh, I'll route something through you--my fist! hahaha!
Maloof Canola Maloof, 06/22/2003:
Greetings, Mr. Zilch. I'm not sure if you were aware, but I am now Misha's exclusive agent. If you have some contract work you need then we can talk about rates. In the future, I'd prefer it if you routed all communication through me.
Bobby, 06/22/2003:
I pay by the pound. And speaking of pounds, maybe you better shut up unless you want some right now.
Benny, 06/22/2003:
3%?? That's twice as much as me!
Bobby, 06/22/2003:
And look at Benny here. He's small and some day one of these kids is going to TK his head off and there I'll there I'll be without an flunkie! So what do you say? Pay is 3% of all lunch money received, and all the smackdown you want to dish out.
Benny, 05/21/2003:
Good idea, Bobby! I do need an assistant!
Bobby, 05/21/2003:
Hey, dude. Much like Dr. Love here, I too, am concerned with your unfocused rage and violent energies. You need to channel that force into something more positive. Like say, being in my gang. Benny is efficient for hurting people's feelings and being annoying, but I really need in my corner is pure, dumb muscle. 
Phoebe, 05/20/2003:
Mikhail, have you ever thought of finding a less violent way to express yourself? Maybe through a hobby, like mental basket weaving? Or cross stitch?
Crystal, 05/19/2003:
ROFL! You nut!  
Clem, 05/19/2003:
Not half as good as you, Crystal! Let's go talk to Coach Oleander right now! I'll bet he'll flip over the idea! :D! Maybe even literally! :D! :D!
Crystal, 05/19/2003:
Hey that's a good idea! Let's have a wrestling team! I'd bet you'd be really good Clem! :D!
Quentin, 05/18/2003:
hey mikhail! just poppin in to say whaddup foo? folks, this guy is tough. i wish this camp had a wrestling team, cuz with this guy on our side, we'd never loose. 
Vernon, 05/17/2003:
Oh, right. Yeah, of course. I can do that. I can do that. But, oh, I already have the t-shirts made, so they're ready to go, whenever. I hope I spelled "forever" right.
Franke, 05/17/2003:
Uh, hang on there, Vern. I uh.. i meant "future boyfriend" like when we're older? And I'm a woman, and can give myself to you fully?  Like maybe... after you finish doing my boathouse cleaning chores for me?
Vernon, 05/17/2003:
Yeah, Kitty, so watch your-- hey, really? Really Franke? Are we officially boyfriend girlfriend now? Oh, man! Let's make T-shirts!
Franke, 05/17/2003:
Beyyotch, that's my boyfriend your talking about. ;)
Kitty, 05/17/2003:
Vernon, you left out the part where you peed your pants.
Elton, 05/17/2003:
I was there. It was scary. At least Lili was not hurt.
Vernon, 05/17/2003:
The other day I was just trying to get some milk at lunch, and I said, "Hey, Micky. Could you pass the milk please?" And he said, "What? You challenge me?" And I said, "No, no. I just want the milk." And he said, "You want milk? Come and get it!" And then I swear he roared like a bear. It was so embarrasing. Can you believe that? And people say I'm annoying! At least I know to keep my mouth shut.

So I just moved to the far side of the lodge, and I ended up putting grape juice on my cereal instead. And you know what? Is was not bad!

Dogen, 05/15/2003:
Micky and I have a lot in common in that we hurt people sometimes and we don't know why. We try to be nice but then everybody starts crying and screaming and then they ship you off to camp. And he has a special hat just like me. 
Maloof Canola Maloof, 05/05/2003:
People think Mikhail is really mean but he's nice. He doesn't hit or push or talk loud but he is really strong and he said that if people keep being mean to me and saying mean things that he can use telekimnesis to break every bone in their body and throw them into the lake and that person's mom and dad and the police and the fire department can look and look and look and they will never find that person because that person's bones will be ground up so much that fish will think it's fish food and eat it. Mikhail is really good at tetherball.